The Genesis

Not another feminist you thought. 

I have been contemplating a blog for 100 years now, hesitating because I thought no one would possibly be interested in what I have to say. However I realized that my burning desire to share my thoughts and experiences was greater than my fear of rejection.

The Womb project is an organisation I founded that aims to encourage young women to aspire into sectors and careers that are male dominated, through mentorship and other programs and eventually encouraging them to find interest in entrepreneurship. This blog is an extension of my organisation, a platform for me to share experiences that come with the organisation and share stories that I may come across.

I sincerely hope that my blog will not only change your perspective on the strength, sacrifice and potential of every women you will ever meet, I hope it encourages you to be a pillar of courage and motivation for women around you, and most importantly the strength to empower yourself with love, knowledge , peace and hope everyday. I look forward to this beautiful journey.

Grace, love and peace be upon you.


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