The wildflowers

I sat down for coffee with a friend, one cup after another surrounded by the aroma of ground cinnamon, cupcakes and the sound of autunm leaves. We sat there for hours going back and forth about men, life, faith, love, and friendship.

We parted with a sense of satisfaction, as if just for those few hours our souls tied. I listened to her, and she listened to me. This gave me revelation about the conversations I have with the women in my life, and generally  conversations with a random woman that leave me feeling like I found another familiar piece of yourself.

I realized that we need more conversations as women,where we can discuss matters that we can all relate to,across races and across different backgrounds. So we can walk around our spaces finding familiar pieces of ourselves.

I’ll be starting with a series of conversations with different women, with different perspectives ,maybe this will help us draw closer to the reality of women supporting each and not breaking each other. When we finally realize that we were cut from the same cloth.

Exciting times ahead
Love, grace and peace be upon you.


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