Young and woman.

The youth series

Felicity Sereme (20)

“Young women don’t empower each other”

Those are the words of a young woman living in the realities of being young and woman in South Africa. She believes that “we are all trying to be like women in the magazines, it’s made us so competitive towards each other” and I agree. Her euthentic nature and humble background are a result of her genuine opinions on life.

Growing up in a village with strong traditions and values, where there aren’t many young female role models, you need to learn to find motivation from your environment. “We don’t have taps inside our homes and people still need to fetch wood from a distance to make fire, these things motivate you as a person”

Coming from a community where most women in the households are unemployed, she appreciates the role of women at home, mentioning that she’s watched her mother come home from work, and still be faced with the duties of taking care of the house, her siblings and her dad. “It is however very unfortunate that girls in my community are still raised to believe that marrying a rich a man is their only way out of poverty”. This shows how the community is in need of strong female role models .

My conversation with Felicity has given me a different perceptive, the stories she tells about her village are nothing short of encouraging, how proactive the young people can be when they apply themselves. How frequently she mentions women like umam Winnie Madikezela as reference to the kind of woman she aspires to be. These women have inspired her and hopes that one day she too would teach other women to believe in themselves.



One thought on “Young and woman.

  1. Reitumetse says:

    And also the exposure we get in terms of media and other factors in general. We only get to know about women flawless and successful and we are ignorant of the how to part. I wish all of us aspiring and unknowinly, could be exposed to the picture lf how to.

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