Caution: Women at work!

The Career woman series

Faheemah Varachia (19)
Law student

“the girls in my family, we are all dedicated and hardworking. Because we know how important it is to have a career”

My conversation with Faheemah left me with a strong desire of hope that, every young girl her age would have such inspiring female role models around them. Growing up in a family of five sisters with her being the third, Faheemah was never short of inspiration. Her elder sisters set a very clear foundation for her and her younger sisters, “my eldest sister is a chef and the other is an Economist, my eldest sister taught us that it’s not really about money but more about passion and doing what you love”. Faheemah explains that in her family they are told that getting a career is their first priority, everything else will follow after.

Her story was very surprising to me because as I have always had the perception that Indian women were encouraged to get married at an early age, however she and her sisters never experienced that kind of pressure. When I asked her if she or her sisters had ever experienced any discourse about their future ambitions especially from male relatives, she tells me that surprisingly not. Her grandfather is her biggest inspiration he grew up in India and didn’t have as many opportunities as they may have hence, he is very supportive of their career aspirations and essentially teaching them to be independent. She did however experience resistance from the women on her father’s side of the family, who mentioned that perhaps Law isn’t the most Ideal career for a girl.

I think we’re always expecting a women to come from strong backgrounds of resistance. Fahaameh’s story shows that women have been working on their careers for years now, the struggles are not new. However her parents were able raise five girls to be ambitious, courageous and independent not because they have to, but because it’s embedded into their personalities.

This leaves me with hope that, we will find inspiration from our sisters, aunts and cousins, who will lead by example in showing us that it is possible to be career driven, passionate, married and raising beautiful children. It never has to be one or the other.


May grace, love and love be upon you.



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