I am not my hair!

The Skin series

Lerato Ratsiu (22)

” Most girls I’ve perceived as similar to me, come across as competitive and this is one of the many reasons friendships don’t last” – Lerato

There seems to be a silent war between women who choose to have weaves and women with natural hair (unprocessed hair). It can either go two ways, women with weaves can be classified as classy, beautiful and well mannered, however they can also be classified as fake, overwhelming and not as intellectually stimulating as their “soul sisters”.

I think it’s important that I mention that Lerato is a hardworking young women who not only pays her own bills but also buys her own hair, even so she says women often perceive her as a gold digger, and that she often attracts older men because of the way she looks. “Guys my age often avoid girls like me, they avoid women who explicitly state that they like shopping, I do fine wine and champagne”

We both agree that there’s a huge division between women who wear fake hair and women who have natural hair “women with natural hair feel the others are hiding behind the hair and we are not proud of our natural beauty”. Lerato explains that she disagrees with that notion because we don’t have to look and dress the same, she says she wears weaves because she personally loves the versatility of going from short to long,black to blonde, sometimes she wants big curls and other days she want body waves.

“Wearing weaves doesn’t mean we hate our heritage or have low self esteem, I believe women should wear their hair the way they feel the most comfortable, because what truly matters  is how you feel about yourself.”


May grace,love and peace be upon you.


One thought on “I am not my hair!

  1. Keneuwe says:

    I agree with Lerato it is also unfortunate when family actually judge you on the successes you have as a young female who is independent. To them its seem like we cannot do it for ourselves


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