The rainbow nation fallacy?

The past few months have been rather exciting for South Africa from the Rhodes must fall movement to the Luister video that was recently posted on YouTube and the conversations on gender equality during women’s month , finally we as the ‘born free’ youth of South Africa get to be at the forefront of transformation.

Unlike the youth of 1976 we have always been uncertain about what our role in this country is as well as what are the struggles and challenges that we need to fight.  Recently it has become very evident that we are in a space of shaping South Africa in service of our vision and unapologetically so.

However this era of revelation awakens anger and uncertainty about whether the rainbow nation dream still lives. In my opinion yes it does and no it doesn’t we need to stop being apologetic about being proud of our own and creating movements that elevate our own people. If there’s anything I admire about the Afrikaners is that they are very unapologetic about the language they choose to get educated in, how and where they choose to raise their children and sadly even about wealth they have benefited at the expense of our humanity.

So why are we afraid to be black and proud? Is it wrong that I want to fight for my people to be taught in a language they understand or even better in their own language, or the possibly of building private schools and luxury neighborhoods where my children can live and learn from their own?

This in no way excludes friendship, and just means that I no longer feel the need to explain why colonial statues need to be abolished and why it is important to me that we reclaim economic capacity ,this of course is applicable to all races and cultures in South Africa. We need to reclaim our dignity , stand for what we believe in,because if we don’t and we choose to ignore the calls from the future our children may never know what it truly means to be free.

So I encourage you to speak your mind, let your voice be heard ,stand up for your own. Love remains in our hearts , however we can no longer pretend like it’s enough.

May grace,love and peace be upon you.


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