The Gemini: I can do both

” If sexuality is one dimension of our ablity to live passionately, then in cutting off our sexual feelings we diminish our overall power to feel , know and value deeply” – Judith Plaskow

The century of the women has come and we are witnessing more and more women getting educated and breaking barriers in their working environments it is no longer a surprise (well hopefully) to see a young successful unmarried woman. However this can come with a few misconceptions such as that successful women in business,politics, engineering or whatever field cannot be sexual beings its either one or thee other.

It is viewed as distasteful for a woman who has a successful career to enjoy wearing short skirts and tight dresses on weekends, and discomforting to find a women who is comfortable speaking about her sex life or posting half naked pictures of herself. A popular South African personality was recently criticised on twitter for her outfit with fans making reference to her being a role model to young girls and how dissappointed everyone is in her.

What is it about the female body that gives people a sense of entitlement and control? Why does society constantly think that they can dictate to a woman what she may and may not do with her own body? For centuries women believed that speaking about sex or even seemingly enjoying sex would display them as promiscuous now society believes that yes women can be sexual but only if they are working in environments that “require” them to be sexual.

It is important for the world to realise that the woman’s freedom should not and does not depend on other people’s standards of what an appropriate woman should be. We need to be comfortable in spaces where we find women who enjoy their bodies fully and also require to be respected sexually and socially in their work places. Let women be who they please to be and not who you may want them to be, the perceptions and ideas you have are yours and should freely be bestowed upon yourself. Let us be who we damn well please. Live. Dance your heart out.

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May love,grace and peace be upon you.


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